30 Mile Brewing Co.

How did you get started in brewing and why?

I (Owner Luke Maynard) got started in brewing as a hobby with my best friend. We wanted to experiment to create new beers to drink and we became obsessed. Instantly it became a passion for me and little did I know, I would take my home brewing skills to a bigger audience!

In your mind, what is the signature of your beer?

We have something for everyone. There are some people that are still new to the world of craft beer and we want to convince them that it is the place to be. One customer might say that they don’t like IPAs or Stouts, or even beer! But we tell them to try our beers anyways, and we have converted many people!

What is your favorite thing about beer?

There are so many different styles to create and to drink. We love creating new styles of beers and then taking those styles and changing them a little bit. It can go on forever, and honestly, it never gets boring.


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