A Letter From Your Captain

Dear Pack,

On behalf of the team, I wanted to reach out thanking you for your continued support this season. You, the fans, are the heart of the Pack and we hope you understand how valuable you are to our franchise and success. Further, the future of lacrosse, especially in this area, lies with you. The growth of lacrosse is based around the support and love of the game, and you are all a huge part of that.

Finally, I wanted to mention the importance of this last part of the season. We are battling in a very tight East Division for the top spot, and we cannot do it without you all! We have 24 guys who are dedicated to working their butts off together to finish strong. The group of guys we have are unselfish and understand the meaning of the word TEAM

Please bring anyone new or old to lacrosse to cheer us on and achieve our goal in this last playoff push, including these last 3 home games

Thank you all again, and remember… WE ARE ONE PACK.

Kyle Buchanan