A Thank You From Your Head Coach

Hello Black Wolves Fans!

I wanted to reach out with a quick note of thanks. This is the completion of my third season with the Black Wolves and I have witnessed a steady growth in support for our team. I know the players and staff appreciate the passion and excitement you bring to our games. We can’t always guarantee wins, but the energy that you provide to the building certainly motivates and makes our team want to perform for our fans.

The season didn’t end the way we had hoped and the work for next year has already begun. We are excited about the maturation of our young players and the leadership shown by our veterans.  

We will spend this offseason looking for ways to complement our existing group of players to get us closer to the ultimate goal of winning the Champion’s Cup.  

Enjoy the offseason! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you next season.

All the best!  

Glenn Clark