Brewery Spotlight: Alvarium Beer Company

How did Alvarium begin?
Mike Larson, Chris DeGasero and Brian Bugnacki met through a mutual friend and began homebrewing together on the weekends. As we became better friends, it occurred to us that we possessed an excellent diversity to open a commercial brewery: Chris had seven years of commercial brewing experience, which is crucial for making the change from homebrewing to professional brewing, as they’re two separate worlds.  Mike is a professional engineer that can design, build, weld and maintain virtually any piece of equipment. Brian has a business degree, extreme attention to detail, and in depth knowledge of Point Of Sale and accounting software systems. Combining all of these traits, fueled by our passion for craft beer, we decided to start Alvarium Beer Company in New Britain, CT. 

What is the signature of your beer?
We like to keep a lot of our offerings sessionable (under 5.5% ABV), yet packed with flavor. We also offer a wide variety of styles so that there’s something for everybody.

What is your favorite thing about beer?
The fact that it brings people and communities together from all walks of life. There’s a reason why it’s known as a social lubricant.

Describe your brewery in ten words or less
Amazing taproom, and tasty beers for everybody, regardless of preference.

Want to give Alvarium a try? Come out for our postgame beer garden on March 16th. Purchase tickets here.