Draft Preview with Head Coach Glenn Clark

Monday night, the 2017 NLL Entry Draft will take place at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, Ontario. The Black Wolves have two picks in the first round – 8 and 10 – and head coach Glenn Clark is ready.

On the draft as a whole

“You’ve heard things about how this draft might not be as deep as previous drafts. There are good players in this draft. I’ve read things that say that after the first round it drops off and stuff like that, but you’re always going to find those sleeper picks, those picks that you look back on a couple of years later that you got in the third round or the fourth round. They’re going to be good players. Certainly the top eight to 10 are very good players and the majority of them will be NLL ready.”


On what the team is looking for on Monday

“When the season ended last year we weren’t entirely happy with how we played in our own zone, so we did identify that we wanted to get some back end guys, some D guys. We got David Brock, we got (John) Lafontaine, we got (Adam) Bomberry, so we think that we’ve improved in that area. A lot of times in the draft you have a target for what you are looking for. I would say if we didn’t acquire those defensive players in the offseason we would certainly be targeting predominately D players. Now we’re sort of in the position, picking eight and 10 that you might get in a spot where it is best available player. I think it is hard to predict this draft board. We’ve been trying to do our mock drafts and we’re having trouble figuring out who exactly we think will be around at eight and 10. I think it is going to be pretty interesting. We might have to be making some decisions on the fly. We’ll certainly have our wishes but you just don’t know who is going to be around and there is always some surprises.”


On if rookies that are drafted could make an impact on this team

“I think certainly anyone we are thinking of targeting at either that eight or 10 spot could have a real good shot at making the active roster and then certainly the practice roster. There’s always a shot. You’re always balancing that youth equation – what is the optimal amount of youth to have in the lineup because you need it for sustainability but you also need that balanced with the veteran presence.”


On the potential of a draft day deal

“There always is. Rich (general manager Rich Lisk) is in constant communication with other teams. I think that most teams are kicking tires. Some teams are trying to move picks that they don’t think they have room for, other teams are trying to acquire picks. Those discussions are going on. I’ve been involved in draft day trades the last two drafts where we have swung trades right at the draft table. That’s certainly going to be something that if it isn’t our team it will be other teams doing it.”