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From The Desk of Rich Lisk

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed the bye week and tuned into all the NLL action this past weekend.    

I wanted to take this time to give you some insights into what I think so far of the season.  We are one-third of the way through the season and we sit atop the Eastern Division with Toronto and Buffalo right behind us.

As everyone knows, we set out to re-vamp our defense and did that through some timely trades, free agent signings and the draft.  So far I am very happy with how our defense has played and I believe the more they play together the more we will see them gel.  We have three fulltime (Brett Manney, Derek Suddons and Jay Thorimbert) holdovers on D from last year, two guys who stepped in to the lineup (Joel Coyle and Matt Spanger) and then our new additions (David Brock, John LaFontaine, Adam Bomberry, Colton Watkinson and Anthony Joaquim).  So in reality, we changed about three quarters of our D and it will take some time for them to get used to playing with each other. 

But so far I am very happy.  

Besides two games (which I acknowledge didn’t go to the way we wanted them to) our D has let up 11, nine, eight and nine goals and they, along with Aaron Bold, are the reason we are 4-2.

On the offensive side we have been OK, but I still feel like we haven’t hit our stride yet.  We made a move to bring in a dynamic, top lefty, Stephan LeBlanc, Steph has been tremendous since he has been here.  In five games with the Black Wolves he has 18 points and some very timely goals.  Now that the offense can settle in and play together I think we will see some big things coming.  

We all have to remember that the NLL season is a marathon and not a sprint and right now we are at the head of the race.  We have a lot of new faces and it takes time for everyone to get to know each other and that is a good thing, as we have two-thirds of the season remaining.  

Overall, we are very excited about how we started this season and we are VERY excited for the future of this team.

As always if you have any questions let me know and….