From the Desk of the GM, Part 2

The closer we get to training camp the more excited I get about the upcoming season! We are continuing to build to become faster, more athletic, and raise our lax IQ and wanted to share some other significant signings that we will carry into the season.

CJ Costabile
CJ played with us in Philadelphia and had a very good rookie season. As a member of Team USA and a perennial All-Star in the MLL, we are looking forward to using his talent at the Black Wolves.  CJ’s athleticism, tenaciousness for loose balls and his ability to push the pace will be a big addition for our team. 

Martin Bowes
Marty has been progressing with us over the last couple of seasons. Last year we switched him to our offensive left side and he showed real well in camp.  A great athlete, he is in awesome shape and possesses what we are looking for athleticism, lacrosse IQ and no quit attitude. I look forward to seeing Marty in camp and I am excited to see how he is progressing.

Josh Hawkins
I’m really looking forward to seeing Josh in our camp this year. When you talk athletes and athleticism there is no one better than Josh. He has box experience, playing for Vancouver when he was drafted, and he was in camp with us last year. I am looking forward to seeing Josh push the pace and use his skills to transition the ball to offense. He is exactly the mold we are looking for – high lacrosse IQ, athleticism and speed.  

Mark Cockerton
Mark was our first round pick a few years back and has significant box experience. He is a potent lefty who can score. Mark played the last few years in the MLL and this year captured an MLL Championship.  He brings a pedigree of winning teams with him – University of Virginia, Juniors (Minto Cup Championship) and an MLL Championship.  I am looking forward to seeing Mark in camp as he takes the next step to cementing himself in an NLL lineup.