Get To Know Black Wolves Goalie Aaron Bold

On August 1st, the Black Wolves acquired goalie Aaron Bold in a trade from the Saskatchewan Rush. A two-time Champions Cup winner with the Rush, Bold is excited for his first season in New England.

What you think you bring to the team?
“Being around the league for quite a long time, I’ll bring that veteran mentality in key situations, especially in playoffs when its do or die, overtime situations, things like that. As well as a presence off the floor, just professionalism and being someone that the younger guys can ask questions and look up to. Besides that, I bring a hard work ethic to the team and I just want to win and be successful.”
On what he thinks he’ll bring to the team as a member of a relatively young defense
Over my career I have faced adversity with veteran defenses as well as new defenses. From my perspective, hopefully harness the defense and help with that to keep everyone calm cool and collected moving forward both on and off the floor. Especially on the floor, that’s where we are successful. Rich (General Manager Rich Lisk) has done an amazing job in the offseason getting a few acquisitions, including myself and a few other defensive guys, to kind of build up the back end, so i think definitely moving forward this year we have a better chance of moving further in the playoffs.”
On what he does off the field
“My business name is Bold Athletics, and it’s a personal training business. I’m actually going to be opening up the gym on April 1st in the West Edmonton area. I’ve been a sole proprietor and just went incorporated. I also do lacrosse development. A big thing with myself is giving back to young kids and giving them a chance to develop their skills, especially for young goalies. Goaltending in lacrosse is one of the pivotal roles that I find isn’t really established at a young age. When I was younger, I definitely didn’t have a professional player still in the league teaching aspects of lacrosse so for me being able to do that for the younger kids is really important.”
On how he got started playing lacrosse
“I was 13 years old and transferred from downtown Victoria out to the outskirts of Victoria and started in a new school. One of the friends that I made was playing lacrosse and they introduced me to it and I liked it. He said that the season was coming up so I tried it. I wanted to play and my mum, we didn’t have a lot growing up, she scrounged up some money and bought me a pair of gloves. I went to a few practices and we didn’t have a goalie and our coach said ‘We need a goalie, we need someone to step between the pipes for the season. Any volunteers?’ and I kind of reluctantly put up my hand and said I would give it a try. I was a catcher all the way up through minor baseball so I think the coordination between a catcher and goaltender are relatively the same, just few different skill developments. I found that that definitely helped me out. So that’s how I became a lacrosse goaltender, from baseball to lacrosse.”
On his other hobbies outside of work and lacrosse
“For the most part, being so busy with work, it’s hard to juggle that personal life, but when I have a weekend off I like to spend it with friends and family, my wife, my dogs. Go for walks, stay active of course. That’s basically what encompasses the majority of my life. I’m a big movie fan. I actually just put in a little home theatre in my basement with a big screen tv and a good sound system so that will probably put me on my butt for a few hours when I want to relax. But I usually want to get outdoors. There is not too much you can do in Edmonton without freezing in the winter, but in the summer I like to get out, bike ride, stay active and just hang out with friends.”
On what he’d like Black Wolves fans to know about him
“I’m very approachable. If you ever have any questions, I’ll go out of my way to try to answer them. The fan base is what builds an organization and I’m very grateful to be able to play in front of new fans and grow the fan base.”