Hanging Hills Brewing Company

How did you get started in brewing and why?
All three of the partners behind Hanging Hills got into brewing through that universal common denominator: homebrewing. Whereas Joe and Brian ended up chasing the dragon all the way through beer school with the American Brewers Guild, Scott knew that he wanted to start his own brewery. Like changing your own oil or brakes, homebrewing seems like an approachable skill. Unlike changing your own oil, perfecting the art and science behind brewing requires a good amount of study and knowhow. Repeating a process over and over again, while boring for some, is an art when perfection is the goal.

In your mind, what is the signature of your beer?
While our styles vary, the signature of our beer is approachability and balance. The goal is never to overwhelm but to elicit the desire to have another beer.

What is your favorite thing about beer?
My favorite thing about beer is the communal nature of drinking it. While it is possible to navel gaze over the methods of productions or ingredients used, beer is really meant to be drank with friends. The consumption of beer is not THE experience, it is an integral component of spending time with friends, getting in the kayaks or climbing up to Riga shelter and meeting new people.


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