Hear From GM Rich Lisk Heading Into The 2018-19 Season

The New England Black Wolves announced their 2018-19 active roster on Monday and will begin the season this Saturday at the Georgia Swarm. Before the season starts, Black Wolves General Manager Rich Lisk wanted to hear from the fans and give them the opportunity to ask questions leading into the season. Below are some of those questions along with answers from Lisk.

What are the chances the team re-signs former Black Wolves player Bill O’Brien?

“We love Billy as a person and what he has done for the Black Wolves, but we don’t have a spot for him on our roster.”

Where is Kevin Crowley?

“Kevin is signed to the Black Wolves under our franchise tag. The franchise tag is something the league gives us to “franchise” a player, pay him the highest base salary in the league, and protects the team’s rights to him.  Each team only gets one franchise tag.  

In the summer, we franchised Kevin. We offered him a multi-year contract with the hopes that he would commit to the Black Wolves and be part of the plan to win a championship here in New England.  Kevin has chosen not to report to the team. We are adamant that we want players that are committed to the Black Wolves.  We have offered Kevin a contract that we believe is fair and would be thrilled if Kevin wants to play for us.” 

What is the offensive outlook in 2018-19 without Crowley?

We’re in great shape offensively.  We have been building this team over the last three years.  I feel very strongly about the right handers we brought in and also about the lefties we brought in.  We’re going to have a more balanced offense this season. A good offense shouldn’t rely on one person only.

What is the strategy heading into the first game of 2018-19?

​Win. To be an athletic, smart, up-tempo team that dictates the style of play throughout the entire game.

What are your expectations for Seth Oakes this year as he comes back from being released?

We have high expectations for Seth.  We drafted him in the first round for a reason.  We had some roster movement last year that Seth got caught in and he decided to go to Vancouver.  We think that he is an important piece of our offense this year. With the abilities that he has we believe he be someone who scores 25 to 30 goals this season.  He will contribute right away in our plan.

What is your overall outlook for the 2018-19 season?

We could not be more excited.  We are one of only two teams to make the playoffs three years in a row and we are poised to bring the championship to New England this year. We have very high hopes and aspirations heading into the season.