Helmet Design Contest

Hey Black Wolves Fans!

For a goalie, his mask tells a story. It is a way for goalies to showcase their personality as well as represent their team. Designs on a mask can come from a goalie’s life experience, iconic pieces of pop culture or serve as tributes.

Last season, Black Wolves goalie Evan Kirk incorporated important pieces from his life as well as the heritage of the Mohegan Tribe into the design of his helmet. Watch video of Evan talking about his helmet HERE.

This year, he is looking to switch it up a bit and needs your help. Some pieces on the helmet will stay the same and there are new pieces that Evan has decided on, but one side is currently open.

Here’s how you can help – send in your ideas! It can be a graphic that you design, or an idea for a piece. Evan will select the piece he likes best and it will be featured on his helmet throughout the 2016 Black Wolves season.

To submit your idea, email it to info@blackwolves.com. Submissions will be accepted until 10 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16th. Want more incentive to get creative and send in your ideas? The designer whose submission is chosen will get a meet and greet with Evan after a Black Wolves game as well as an autographed photo of the helmet.