Outer Light Brewery

How did you get started in brewing and why?
Matt Ferrucci [Co-owner] and I [Tom Drejer] have home brewed since college and beer had always brought us and our group of friends together.  We shared our beers while camping and snowboarding up in VT, after surfing in Rhode Island, or just hanging out in Connecticut.  Once we both finished business school we decided to go for it. We wanted to brew great beer first and foremost while sharing our story so people could connect the brand with things they love, just like we have. It’s that passion that’s the backbone of making great beer, that, and combining previous commercial brewing experience with our Head Brewer [Tyler Cox].

In your mind, what is the signature of your beer?.
Our signature is quality, clean beer.  To date (in 2 years) we’ve brewed 63 beers, all different styles of beers, and I think we’ve done an excellent job nailing each and every style.  It’s a reputation we’ve developed, and that’s come from our team’s experience.


What is your favorite thing about beer?
It’s making something complex become so simple. What I mean is in the end, it’s people getting together around a beer, sharing a laugh, a conversation.  People don’t drown their sorrows in craft beer.  They share stories and experiences.


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