Recap With Kevin Crowley

“I think it was an up and down season. You never want to start like that, going down three games like we did, but I think we battled back and put ourselves in a position to make the playoffs. That obviously didn’t go as planned but I think it showed a lot of character that we were able to make the playoffs starting with three losses off the bat.”
Individually, you had a very good season. New single season career high for goals, surpassing 200 and scoring your 450th career point. What do you think was the key for you this season?
“I’ll be playing in the MLL with the Charlotte Hounds and I’m also moving home for two months. I’m moving to Vancouver for July and August.”
What do you enjoy most about playing outdoors vs indoors?
“My shot percentage because I know I can get that up to about 20%. I’ve been hovering around 18, but I think that would be my goal, to get it up to 20%.”