Thimble Island Brewing Company


How did you get started in brewing and why?
A close friend and I used to order pizza every Thursday night and brew a batch of beer in his driveway.  After too many beers one night, we thought it would be fun to open a brewery.  Two years later we sold our first keg of beer to KC’s Pub in Guilford, CT and the rest is history.

In your mind, what is the signature of your beer?
Our signature beers are definitely our American Ale and Ghost Island Double IPA.  The American Ale comes from our home-brew days in the driveway and is a simple, approachable beer.  Historically we call it our conversion beer; If you are used to drinking domestics, this is an easy way to get into craft beer.  Ghost Island is now a signature beer, a great example of a strongly hopped beer packed with citrus flavors and aroma.  If you like IPAs, its a must have.

What is your favorite thing about beer?
I think we coin the phrase years ago – ‘Brewing is a life style’.  Like food, a couple cold ones will bring people together after a day’s hard work.  Beer is fun and thanks to the craft beer movement, its easy to find quality products. For me personally, its about the journey and the lifestyle that comes with it.


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