Thirsty Thursday: Hog River Brewery

How did Hog River Brewery begin? 
I began home brewing 15 years ago and started my Professional career 10 years ago with Thomas Hooker Brewing. I went to brewing school at the Siebel Institute in Chicago and continued my brewing career at Willibrew (Willimantic Brewing Co.) We opened the doors to Hog River Brewing Company 8/20/2017. 
What is the signature of your beer?
Golden Messenger Kolsch is our flagship. It’s a light, clean and crisp Pilsner-esque beer. It’s won several awards and has lots of flavor for a “light” beer. It’s extremely popular with customers who are new to craft beer and those who have been drinking craft for years. Our other most popular beer is Know Good IPA. It leans toward a NEIPA with low bitterness and lots of citrus flavor and aroma. 
What is your favorite thing about beer?
I love the creativity. Brewing beer is an art. It’s exciting to find the perfect balance of ingredients to create the beer that began as a vision. There is nothing more satisfying than thinking up a flavor profile, putting ingredients together and creating a beer that our customers come back to drink time and time again. 
Describe your brewery in ten words or less…
Unique beers in a unique taproom located in the capitol city. ​

Thinking about giving Hog River a try? Come out for our postgame beer garden on March 16th. Purchase tickets here.