Thirsty Thursday: No Worries Brewing Company

How did No Worries Brewery begin?
Myself (Kevin) and Dan met back in college at Southern CT State University. As our friendship grew we discovered a common passion in beer, its subtleties, complexities, and endless variety. At some point trying beer just wasn’t enough, we want to learn more about the process and the ingredients. This led us to home brewing our very first batch of beer. We dove in head first brewing own beer to learn as much as we could about the process so we could learn how to create some awesome brews of our own. This eventually snowballed into what is now No Worries Brewing.

What is the signature of your beer?
At No Worries we strive to make an array of styles where we’re able to celebrate the vast variety that is ‘craft beer.’ We are best known for our Do-Si-Do IPA and Hakuna Matata Blonde Ale. Do-Si-Do IPA is a single hop New England Style IPA where the hops provide a full fruit flavor but with low on bitterness. On the nose and in your pallet you’ll get oranges, tangerines, pineapples, and papayas. Hakuna Matata blonde ale twisted up with apple wood and cherry wood adding a distinctly unique slightly sweet flavor.

What is your favorite thing about beer?
My favorite thing about this industry are the people. I have learned so much from the people in our industry and made so many friends over these past few years.

Describe your brewery in ten words or less…
Great beer, good times. Come live the hammock life!

Give No Worries a try. Come out to our postgame beer garden tomorrow! Purchase tickets here.